Spanish Rulers Leaving Costa Rica and Honduras

Inside the Spanish realm, the long thin segment of focal America known as Guatemala. It is among the soonest of frontier triumphs on the terrain. Pedro de Alvarado, the leading individual from Cortés' little gathering in the success of Mexico (1519-21), is sent south in 1523 to stifle the little region now known as Guatemala. In 1524 he pushed on into El Salvador. Around the same time, Spanish conquistadors enter Costa Rica and Nicaragua from the east, attacking from Panama.

History of Honduras, the supports district amongst east and west, is debated between the adversary gatherings of Spaniards. A propel monitor from Panama arrives first. Cortés sends power from Mexico, which in the end wins.

These competitions convince the Spanish crown to regard focal America as an extraordinary case. In 1539 it was set up as the captaincy general of Guatemala. This is a piece of the more great viceroyalty of New Spain (regulated from Mexico City) however the commander general, working from his particular capital at Antigua, has significant self-sufficiency in nearby illicit relationships.

The course of action makes due until the point that the finish of the pilgrim time frame (with the exception of that a tremor in 1773 demolishes the capital moves to Guatemala City after Antigua), and it is this bigger locale of Guatemala which pronounces autonomy on 15 September 1821 - only three weeks subsequent to neighboring Mexico, under Agustín de Iturbide, has won opportunity from Spain.


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